Digital Cities

The quality of public management is measured by the efficiency in the service and coverage of the services offered to the citizen. The assessment depends on the perception of the citizen and is linked to criteria of integrity, availability and readiness. These characteristics are achieved when the management system integrates all management bodies and the channels of communication with the user are fluid.

Networking technology is a great ally in the elaboration of strategy to contemplate such objectives:

  • the central administration receives reliable information from the agencies without intermediaries.
  • the central administration issues orders to the organs directly and immediately.
  • the citizen communicates with the public power through a unique access point: the city portal.

Reduced costs, information control, transparency and speed in serving news of interest to the manager. Health, transport, safety, education, tourism, sports, social services, secretariats, support bodies and service providers linked by a metropolitan network. Visibility throughout the mandate.

Mundo Afora consultants develop conceptual designs, detail architectures, draft terms of reference, support technologically in the bidding process and guide the city in obtaining resources for implementation.